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I ordered the new and improved seat for my BX from them on Tuesday of this week and it. Shannon Messick shares 1 coupon codes and promo codes. Our company has been family owned and operated for over 50 years.

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    You can post coupon codes, deals, articles, news or announcements. Valid now until the catalogs are removed. Last edited by phildac; at I don't understand Kubota's thinking on this.

    How does it hurt them to allow product owners to see the assemblies and part numbers. Seems like they are trying to force people to their dealers, but not everyone is within a short distance of a dealer. Just a short sighted decision, IMO. I agree it would be a bad idea to remove such useful information. I was just looking at the parts break down for my ldt for a brake job. Such a shame that Kubota can throw their weight around.

    I am sure it will hurt sales but I hope not. Talk about silly. Sure don't see how having a parts manual available is doing anything but helping people find the parts they need. Heck, the Kubota dealership down the road has a couple of knuckle heads working their that couldn't find their rear end with both hands, let alone help me find a part I'm looking for One of the old duffers can't even use the computer. I was there once and he said I'd have to come back later when someone was in the shop that knew how to use the parts finder on the computer Can you imagine, sending a customer that wants to spend money away I'm sure that would make the DB's at Kubota pucker a little.

    I got the email too, what a foolish move. I guess the figure that who ever needs a part is going to buy it. Whether it's easy to find at messicks or a pin in the butt to find else where. But now they may also sell more parts manuals. Must be a high profit item Messick's should organize a write in campaign protesting the move. Got the same email too. Seems to me that Kubota must have got complaints from dealers regarding a few online parts dealers undercutting their prices If you don't know the part and can't acess it online, your only choice is to go to your dealer and buy it there.

    I was at my ford dealer the other day trying to price out some parts and the guy gave me the price but refused to give me the. When I asked him why, he told me that it was the dealership policy. I asked to talk to the manager and he was pretty open about it, basically told me that he knew that with the part I could buy it cheaper online and he saw no reason to pay an employe the time to research it and have the sale go to someone else.

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    Pretty disappointing from Kubota. It turns me off when companies do stuff like this. I own the tractor and believe I have the right to know what its been constructed of, how its been put together and the right to be able to fix it myself. Otherwise if I can't do this I really don't own it.

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    Having people like us on orange tractor talks who discuss and trouble shoot issues actually should be a real asset to Kubota. How many new Kubota owners join the forum and the first thing they say is 'really happy I found this site - glad I brought a kubota now My mates come over and see my B and I talk about the little mountain goat so highly. They are amazed to see the 13 hp machine climb vertical walls and pull loads beyond what they can believe and realise there 25hp ride on from bunnings or lowes is really crappy.

    But what really impresses them is the amount of information online about how to mod these things and do general fixes from sites like OTT. A lot of this stems from the 'wrap' people like us give kubota's. If kubota wants to alienate then maybe a 'forward' looking company should tap this market. Just an idea but would'nt it be cool if with a yanmar or koti you got a workshop manual, parts manual and a site like orange tractor talks for free and where encouraged to mod you machine! Just a thought. I know I buy things when people speak highly of open access, lots of information available and a group of people who are know them inside out.

    Anyway just my 2 cents. Cheers John. This is nuts!

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    I can't tell you how many times I've used those online parts catalogs just to get the part that I need and taken them to the local dealer to order! As Theekillerbee said most of the people behind the counter at the local dealer can't find their butts! And as far as ordering online I've found that buy the time you pay shipping you can usually get it for about the same price locally! Mr K had a discussion with Neil Messick last month in detail about this matter. KTC is concerned with knock off equipment being manufactured with the assistance of their nice exploded diagrams.

    It is not an effort to reduce parts sales but rather to deter other entities from infringing upon their brand. We've got that! Well what about those of us that need a whicamacallit and not that thingamajig on the end of the dohicky thingie,,, I think there is more to it than worring about somebody counterfitting parts, other countries have been buying American Mining equipment for years and reverse engeening it,, i saw a chineese mining machine that you couldnt tell from a Joy, right down to the same styled bit blocks and junk contactors inthe pannels,, all of which did not have Joy's name and they got no money from it,, if thats the case Im sure someone could buy a Orange tractor and do the same thing Those blown up drawings have helped out, more than once when working on some for the other OFF brands,,lol.

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