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Sausage pie with a slight kick. Ricotta cheese, garlic and sauteed broccoli.

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Topped with sliced fresh jalapenos. Homemade freshly sliced mozzarella cheese. Broccoli, onions, sliced peppers and mushrooms. Served with sliced tiger shrimp. A meat lovers delight. Japanese style chunks of tender tofu, poached in ginger, garlic and scallions, then highlighted with oyster sauce and served with steamed broccoli and rice. White fillet poached in ginger, garlic and scallions.

Served with rice, broccoli and a pool of hummus. Grilled shrimp and New York strip steak with roast cauliflower and sauteed spinach. Falafel, hummus, baba ganoush and tabouleh. Grilled chicken fillets with a cilantro tomato salsa served with frilled zucchini and rice. Fresh cooked herb turkey with mashed sweet potatoes, homemade stuffing, gravy and broccoli. Seared in natural juices with lemon hints, balanced with arugula and julienned carrots. Sauteed in garlic and oil with oyster sauce and sesame seeds. Zucchini, portobello mushrooms, eggplant, onions and tomato over fresh spinach.

Tube pasta in classic pink vodka sauce with mushrooms. Fresh garden broccoli and linguini stir-fried in fresh garlic and pure olive oil topped with fresh ground Romano. Served with crumbled fennel sausage meat and peas in a light tomato sauce. A generous mountain of linguini topped with our homemade marinara sauce and beautiful shrimp. Shrimp and scallops sauteed with butter, crushed red plum tomatoes, garlic and onions with Romano cheese and scallions served over linguini.

Scallopini of chicken breast sauteed in garlic and butter and sprinkled with herbs and breadcrumbs gracing a bed of linguini with flowerets of fresh broccoli and a touch of lemon. Pasta and strips of grilled chicken tossed in tomato, basil, white wine, lemon and red onion celebration. Strips of tender pork and mixed vegetables, stir-fried then tossed with pasta in a sesame oyster sauce. Shrimp, scallops and crabmeat sea legs sauteed in a red cream sauce with basil and onion over pasta.

All natural tortellini sauteed in butter and herbs with Romano cheese, peas and heavy cream. Fettuccini tossed in a delicate sauce of heavy cream, butter, Romano cheese, egg yolk, parsley and mild seasonings. Sliced steak sauteed ub basuk cream garlic sauce with bell pepper, crushed red pepper and served over vermicelli pasta made to order.

A beautiful collection of fresh vegetables and mild seasoning, sauteed in butter, then tossed with fettuccini in a delicious sauce of heavy cream and Romano cheese. A bed of linguini is home to these fine scallops, shrimp, calamari, filet of mussels poached to perfection in a bath of garlic browned in olive oil and marinara. Sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli rabe, grilled shrimp, extra virgin olive oil and garlic meet on this beautiful plate with tube pasta.

Veggies in a garlic and oil sauce. Medallions of chicken, scallions, mushrooms and onions sauteed in a light red sauce over fettuccine pasta. Filled with cheese and sauteed in olive oil with garlic, fresh basil, crushed red pepper, artichoke hearts and plum tomatoes, then sprinkled with Romano cheese. Stimulating medallions of blanched chicken breast stir-fried with garlic, crushed red pepper, scallions, peanuts, vinegar, soy sauce, red wine, ground ginger and bell pepper slivers.

Julienne of zucchini, onion and carrots sauteed in butter with three pepper cream sauce and plum shrimp on an island of fried and breaded eggplant. Oriental style assorted fresh vegetables with garlic and soy and served on a bed of rice pilaf. Garden fresh eggplant dipped in egg and our seasoned breadcrumbs, baked with mozzarella cheese and ricotta and our homemade marinara served with linguini. Fresh cold water filet of salmon broiled to perfection with classic Dijon mustard sauce and vegetables.

Two soft corn tortillas filled with chicken and cheese, served under a medium salsa with a dollop of sour cream. Jumbo prawns, dipped in egg and our specially seasoned breadcrumbs and fried in top of the range, served over rice pilaf. Pieces of boneless chicken breast sauteed in fresh parsley, butter and fresh lemon.

Food and ambience

Served with rice pilaf. Fresh bay scallops sauteed with garlic and butter, seasonings and breadcrumbs. Boneless crest of chicken, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, sauteed then broiled with fresh cheese and mushrooms in a bath of homemade marinara over rice. Tender slices of choice steak blended wok style with broccoli, oyster sauce and mushrooms with our tasty chicken stock, served over rice.

Breast of chicken smoked and basted Thai style, served with sweet scallion sauce over rice pilaf. Fine white shrimp sauteed in garlic butter with herbs and breadcrumbs served over rice pilaf with a touch of lemon. The most tender beef broiled to order and swathed in our special garlic butter with a choice of baked or fried potato with mushrooms.

Medallions of chicken breast with stir-fried broccoli sauteed with oyster sauce, garlic, ginger, scallions and olive oil. Served with a side of rice. Two soft flour tortillas, embracing fresh turkey, with salsa and cheddar cheese. Tender boneless breast of chicken sauteed with butter, Romano cheese and heavy cream. Fresh white flounder fillet poached in a white wine bath with butter, onion and mushrooms, highlighted by fresh healthy spinach with a side of rice. Tender boneless chicken breast and gulf shrimp dusted, dipped in egg then pan-fried until tender then united in a lemon butter sauce with carrots.

Served over steamed spinach in lemon herb sauce and string beans, topped with breadcrumbs. White chicken pieces and tender beef sauteed with garlic, ground red pepper, basil, oyster sauce and soy then laid on a bed of linguini. Steak or chicken grilled and basted and served on the classic pan with flour tortillas, pico de gallo and Mexican red sauce. Tender chicken Breast off the bone, dusted in unbleached flour, dipped in egg, then sauteed till bronzed.

We gently continue to saute with fresh butter, spinach and lemon. Served with rice. Boneless chicken rolled in multiple Cajun peppers then cooked in a red hot black cast iron skillet bayou style. Tips of fillet mignon served over discs of garlic bread with french fries. Boneless chicken breasts sauteed with fine French mustard, white wine, mushrooms and cream, then balanced with carrots.

Shrimp, calamari, white fillet, mussels and scallops with herbs and served with rice. Your choice of broiled or fried. No mussels on fried. Grilled salmon, served over a roasted pepper puree, served with blanched carrots, broccoli and rice. Served with a grainy Dijon mushroom sauce. Rib Eye steak quickly marinated with potato and vegetable.

Circles restaurant on Apollo Beach to welcome 2016 with fireworks

Sliced steak with Dijon mustard sauce. Served with sauteed broccoli, potato or rice. Served either blackened or with a lemon caper sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and string beans. Boneless breast of chicken dusted in unbleached flour and browned in Marsala wine with fresh mushrooms and served with rice pilaf. Topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. With eggplant, roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese on garlic bread. With eggplant, roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese. On garlic bread.

With spinach and mozzarella on garlic bread. With spinach and mozzarella.

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With mozzarella cheese. With mozzarella and roasted red peppers. With arugula and red onions. Served with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Here's what people are saying:. Overpriced deli food. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. This is the first time I was unhappy with circles the sauce from the London broil was all over the bottom of the bag it was fatty and undercooked it was. Usually the food is good. This time the chicken was like rubber. Circles has been in the neighborhood for years.

Food and service is always good! Whomever is ringing up online orders is processing inaccurate: I ordered 2 sandwiches on I'll go there to have dinner with my family in the future. Always on point! I enjoyed so much I ordered same thing 2 nights in a row. My friend Joyce was in town last month so we always make a trip to circles. I usually only eat there when she's in town and I'm not sure why that is.

Thank you Joyce! And circles. The food took 2 hours to get to me despite being only 12 blocks away from me. When i finally received my food it was cold and the portions were quite disappointingly small. The steak and cheese ordered had about 4oz of steak; they charged The quesadillas were the greatest let down.

For a price of Good day to all!

Restaurant Coupons

Never received my food! Got a confirmation that the restaurant was working on the order and it would be delivered between 1: I kept calling and getting a busy signal tried contacting you by chat but no one answered. Sure enough my food had mushroom. They said I should of wrote a note which I did on the instruction section. I will never re-order. Emily and the closing manager March 4, were very unprofessional and rude! I asked for homemade mashed potatoes.

I got mashed potatoes that are a mix of fake mashed. The flavor is different. Even though we received our pizzas before the scheduled time, they were so cold. I love the pizza but it was not enjoyable eating it very cold. I assumed the driver may hay put them in the trunk of his car. Replied December 20, They delivered to the wrong address. By the time I received the food its was brick cold. I called to informed them about the situation and they ignored the issue by saying the delivery person had multiple deliveries and thats why its cold.

How is that my problem.??? I've been ordering from this restaurant for 30 years Excellent food! Circles is the most consistently great delivery and food of all the deliverers!! All the food was spot on, even with my special orders, and their Lento's style pizza is great, the best since Lento's itself! It was as good as I remembered! Incompetent workers at a subpar restaurant. Don't waste your money at this place. Overpriced, the food is not great and they will mess up your order 4 out of 5 times.

Stay away from here. I ordered a filet mignon medium with French fries. Delivery guy went to the wrong block said he was outside by the time my food got to me the fries were soggy. Have been ordering from Circles for over 20 years-Although the food has gone down alittle over the years and the portions are smaller-They are still quite good and reliable. Enter an address. Sign in. Circles Cafe New Location on 3rd. Menu About Reviews. Most Popular. Canned Soda.

Fried Mozzarella Stix. Breaded Mushroom Caps. Georgia Chicken Fingers. Chicken Cutlet Circle Sandwich. English Circles Burger. Big Steak Sandwich. Big Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Cheese Pizza. Hot Beverages. Herbal Tea. Cold Beverages. Natural Soda. Ice Cream Float. Ice Cream Shake. California Smoothie. Grazing Area Appetizers. Quiche of the Day. BBQ Buffalo Wings. Mozzarella En Carozza Deluxe. Garlic Bread. Zuppa Di Mussels. Baba Plate.

Chicken Quesadilla. Calamari a La Sheepshead Bay. Spinach Pie. Mussels Vin Blanc. Hummus Plate. Fresh Homemade Mozzarella and Sun-dried Tomatoes.

About Circles Waterfront

Chicken Burrito. Cobb Salad. Caesar Salad. Thai Beef Salad. Thai Chicken Salad. Chef's Salad. Fresh Organic Mixed Green Salad. Grilled Seafood Salad. Antipasto Balsamico Salad. Fresh Leaf Spinach Salad. House Salad. Tabouleh Salad. Dinner Salad. Arugula with Portobello Mushrooms Salad. Gorgonzola Salad. Grilled Salmon Salad. Circles Sandwiches.

Ladies' night at Circles restaurant in Apollo Beach really is for ladies

Steak Circle Sandwich. Boston Filet of Fish Circle Sandwich. Tempura Circle Sandwich. Muenster Circle Sandwich. Pizza Circle Sandwich. Grilled Chicken Circle Sandwich. Herb Marinated Chicken Circle Sandwich. Chicken Borday Circle Sandwich. Chicken Salad Sandwich. Montauk Circle Sandwich. Tuna Fish Circle Sandwich. Jabon Et Fromage Circle Sandwich. Fresh Turkey Circle Sandwich. Tuna Melt Pita.

Really Big French Bread Sandwiches. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. Genoa is Melting Sandwich. Fresh Mozzarella with Pesto Sandwich. Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich. Mom's Leftover Turkey Sandwich. Ultra Thin Crust Pizza. Sausage Pizza. Bianco Pizza. Mexicana Pizza. Fresca Pizza. Veggie Pizza. Camarones Pizza. Pepperoni Pizza. Well Rounded Meals. Tofu and Broccoli with Mushrooms. Poached Flounder Yowadee. Herb Marinated Skewers of Chicken. Surf and Turf. Meatless Combination. Santa Fe Pollo. Thanksgiving Dinner. String Beans. Snow Peas. Baked Potato. French Fried Potatoes. Fresh Spinach Saute.

Nutritious Broccoli Saute. Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Roasted Cauliflower. Mushrooms Sauteed in Butter. Sweet Potato Fries. Homemade Mashed Potatoes. Sauteed Carrots. Sauteed Zucchini. Grilled Vegetable Medley. Penne a La Vodka. Pasta Con Broccoli. Ribbon Pasta.

Shrimp Marinara. Coral Reef Linguini. Chicken Scampi with Broccoli Flowers. Penne Fresca. Seafood Fettucini. Tortellini a La Panne. Fettuccini Alfredo. Red Pepper Beef Pesto Vermicelli. Pasta Primavera. Frutta Di Mare. Shrimp Capri. Whole Wheat Vegetarian Pasta. Romano Fettuccini with Grilled Chicken. New Orleans Spicy Tortellini. Hunan Chicken with Peanuts. Czarina Sauce with Shrimp and Fried Eggplant. Stir Fried Vegetables Entree. Eggplant Parmesan. Salmon Dijonnaise.

Enchilada Pollo Y Queso. Fried Shrimp. Chicken Piccata. Herb Scallops. Chicken Champignon. Beef and Broccoli Bangkok. Chicken Gai Yang. Shrimp Scampi. Filet Mignon Broiled with Garlic Butter.

Circles Cafe (New Location on 3rd)

Chicken and Broccoli with Oyster Sauce. Turkey Soft Tacos. Chicken Normandie. Flounder with Spinach and Mushrooms. Shrimp and Chicken Francese. Sign Up Find all our newsletters. Also In This Section. Teen victims top 70 as detectives find more images recorded in Bloomingdale High changing area 2 minutes ago. Teacher Mark Ackett, 50, was charged with more counts of video voyeurism and producing harmful material using a minor, bringing the total number of counts to Brooksville mastiff wins Best of Breed at Westminster 11 minutes ago.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of parking 29 minutes ago. Eighty-thousand people will descend on downtown Tampa during Hamilton's 4-week run at the Straz. But where will they park? Hillsborough deputy who struck and killed teen was involved in previous pedestrian crash 1 hour ago. Deputy Philip J. Montesi's side mirror struck a man who was walking in the road.

Montesi was speeding and distracted by his computer, but an internal review board decided the crash was…. Pinellas news briefs 1 hour ago. Tampa Bay Water should approve Tampa water project 1 hour ago. Call Customer Service. Manage my subscription.