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To be eligible players need to create a new Asiasoft Passport and new MapleID during 16th May — 27th June and reach Level 33 with any class of your choice. Maybe even use that money to buy more Cash to splurge in game! Form a group of 3, play and level up as a group, buddy and join the same guild.

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Reach Level 33 together to receive Cash each! Assemble your friends quick!

Maplestory: Changing My Hair And Face With Maplehood Event

Only the first 33 groups to reach the minimum requirement will be rewarded! This challenge is not for the faint hearted! The event runs from 23rd May to 27th June , the winner will be announced on 4th July Recently, with the introduction of new Resistance characters, sadly event is over players can obtain points if they login and play their Resistance characters.

That's about the 2 methods that I know. The other method is However, your friends will have to buy ACash and then send you the Hair coupon. Hope this helps. Where do you get hair coupons in Maplestory? You get them from the cash shop with Nx or you can do a quest all levels at Amoria and you get a hair coupon.

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Share to: How can you get a free Esther shield on Maplestory? Go make it at ardentmil Esther shield 10k cr p now so its basically free. Is Maplestory free?

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Of course But it's really not free when you purchase freaking nx. Can you change your hair on Maplestory for free? What are the different hair colors in Maplestory? Are there other places then amoria to get hair coupons besides cash shop on Maplestory?

So is there anyway to get a free vip hair coupon?

How can you change your hair in Maplestory? Buy a hair coupon from the Cash Shop and take it to the hair salon in the town you picked or you can also do a quest to get a free hair coupon in Amoria.

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The quest is called " … Amoria: Beauty or Beast". You can find the girl in Amoria's hair salon. How can you get the free coupon for a free movie? You can join Swagbucks.

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There are many websites provide free coupons and discounts. Who can give you a free Maplestory account? There's no way to trade account because if nexon see that you've done this they'll ban your ip address or they'll deactivate the traded profile.